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The Maze Runner book review


Okay, it's been months since I've posted and even picked up a book. I've been pretty busy with school and other unimportant stuff -___- . But not to worry, now I'm totally pumped up to get started writing more reviews! Here's my schedule for this month which I hopefully won't have a tough time following:

June 6th: The Maze Runner review (today!!) by James Dashner

June 13th: Unravel me + Ignite me + Fracture me + Destroy me by Tahereh Mafi

June 20th: Legend by Marie Lu

June 27th: Behemoth by Scott Westerfield



"If you ain't scared, you ain't human." 

When Thomas wakes up in the lift, the only thing he can remember is his name. He's surrounded by strangers--boys whose memories are also gone.

Outside the towering stone walls that surround the Glade is a limitless, ever-changing maze. It's the only way out--and no one's ever made it through alive.

Then a girl arrives. The first girl ever. And the message she delivers is terrifying.


Well that was some synopsis. Just pasted that from good reads to give you guys some information about this book before skipping ahead to the SPOILERS. But honestly if I was someone who hasn't read the book yet, this synopsis wouldn't be too convincing for me. It's not that I'm picky or anything, but this honestly was the least interesting synopsis I've ever read. I don't think it delivers enough info for the reader.... :p

This novel was honestly a surreal blur to put it in my exact words. It felt like I was in a whole different dimension, with so many people not familiar to regular English language. I honestly wouldn't have been able to interact with any person there having had no knowledge what the heck 'klunkhead' or these other unusual terms that they sort of invented were.

Characters were pretty hard to understand. I wasn't sure whether most of them were being rude or if that was the nicest they could of ever been. Thomas was probably the most insane character. Yes, for a main character, he was pretty insane. Uh, I get this is a whole new world for you and your probably gulping and grueling through such struggle and fear of what ever the hell this god forsaken place is, but serzzz though who can ask so many damn questions!!! JUST SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP DAMMIT.


Newt was aiigght. He really had a simple demeanor. Not annoying, but also not boring. Other than Chuck, he was Thomas's only friend to be honest. Now Chuck was the coo-coo kid that no one really wanted to be close to, or at least thats what I remember (read this book months ago lol). He was a really forward kid, but he always gave Thomas a boost of enthusiasm and energy to survive that dreary place. My least favorite character would honestly be Minho. Okay, this dude was cray-cray which would be understood well since he spent most of his day running through these mazes and encountering these monsters called grievers. Not only that, but also having to see many lives being taken away because of these monsters, so I'd commend him in honor of all these reasons.

Gally, also the shuckiest shuck faced shuck in the world was probably the weirdest and most awkwardly intriguing character in the book His whole outlook to Thomas was so interesting in a way, and the way he kept  on telling Thomas that he knew him, just made him an even more important character in the book. Alby, the leader of the glade was probably the most hard to like for me. Sometimes he made me feel sorry for him, sometimes he made me hate his guts, and sometimes I didn't even feel anything, like how I feel towards my school principal -___- YEAH.


Okay so this girl out of nowhere just comes about a day after Thomas came. Which would be really unusual since they don't get new members often like that. And apparently she knows Thomas, like really well, since she called him out of all the guys that were staring at her either horrified that she didn't notice their faces or thrilled that she was a girl. The way they just lock here in that room outside was totally not what I would of done. Like seriously that was an odd welcome gesture.

Thomas, being the most uninteresting person in the world with his absolutely obnoxious and unintentional often at times resistance made this book VERY BLEAK. Don't get me wrong it was a great book, but why did he have to ruin my mind. Like, why are you always so sad and weird. Be optimistic for crying out loud. Like no pressure, but have a sense of humor dude, its not that hard, just say something funny.

I'd give this book 6 stars. I would definitely recommend this to those who love reading books that range from a bit boisterous to a whole fixation of puzzling allusions. This enthralling novel will surely be a great read for the summer. Especially since we can look forward to the upcoming movie this September.


Favorite quotes:

“You are the shuckiest shuck faced shuck in the world!” 

“WICKED is good” 

“Good that.” 

“I just...feel like I need to save everyone. To redeem myself.” 

“She smiled for the first time, and he almost had to look away, as if something that nice didn’t belong in such a glum and gray place, as if he had no right to look at her expression.” 

-LIA <3

Friday, 31 January 2014

Blog Review: The Selection by Kiera Cass


Guess what, book mania is almost here! Can't wait till tomorrow, because it will officially be bookathon month! It's not official, but I still believe that February is the month that books should be appreciated. Theres so many awesome books that are being released on February after all (:

It's seems as if I've opened a door to another path in this world, it's hard to explain but I think I'm in love. Of this book of course. -__- commonly, I've always been a little skeptical about novels that have a fairy tale or royalty type feel, I mean that's so disney, right? But reading this dystopian novel was actually quite pleasant and it was definitely captivating, If I do say so myself.


For thirty-five girls, the Selection is the chance of a lifetime. The opportunity to escape the life laid out for them since birth. To be swept up in a world of glittering gowns and priceless jewels. To live in a palace and compete for the heart of gorgeous Prince Maxon (He's absolutely gorgeous btw).

But for America Singer, being Selected is a nightmare. It means turning her back on her secret love with Aspen (Hi Aspen!), who is a caste below her. Leaving her home to enter a fierce competition for a crown she doesn't want. Living in a palace that is constantly threatened by violent rebel attacks.

Then America meets Prince Maxon. Gradually, she starts to question all the plans she's made for herself and realizes that the life she's always dreamed of may not compare to a future she never imagined (DUN DUN DUNNNNN!).

I give this novel 9.9 stars for it's enchantment, compellingness, and overall pure awesomeness!!! Like seriously, when I was reading a few chapters, I was honestly falling asleep every 10 minutes, yes the beginning wasn't all that. America was so dull and Aspen was so lifeless, it was like a crack in the wall. And this whole fascinating this about castes. An 8 is practically a peasant rank while a 2 is a real uptown and wealthy rank. The caste 1 obviously belongs to the royal family. Basically America is a 5, or a 6 (Can't remember, read this like a few weeks ago). Aspen is an 8 I believe. 

Normally I like to go for the down to earth and long time friend guys, but this time, Aspen was honestly killing things for me. He was sooooooooooooo aggravatingly annoying and stubborn. Like why won't you accept a nice gift from your own girlfriend. Are you like not supposed to accept anything from her and always just give her things yourself!!??? OH ASPEN! Y U SO IRRITATING!!!


And so Aspen basically tells her to enter into the competition, breaks her heart, and acts as if he'd done nothing...ehemm, plz excuse me as I go jump off a cliff. Not only did America do exactly what he wanted her to do, but she basically already planned out her whole future with him! She planned on them living happily ever after, and then we get the love of her life take these dreams in his hand and crush it with all his might. My hope in humanity is now lost..for now.

So America goes to the kingdom, in a competition against 34 other girls, God knows how long the freaking competition would go on for, it could take years. Yes, being locked in a castle for almost half your life just for the sake of being a number 1. Pfft, see? They're not stupid :D . Now Maxon, let me tell ya, this princey might be easy on the eyes, but oh lawd! He so luxuriantly pulchritudinous!! Like, I wish I was taking the place of little Tiny. Omg and remember the bet that he made with America during breakfast?! I was literally like this throughout that whole part:


Now essentially, the extensive point of America still being there is because she wants her family to be able to receive the money that they need, and America being in that contest would enable her family to receive money from the kingdom. So at least now we know that she's not there for absolutely no reason. Maxon and America honestly make me so giggly and joyous cause they are so organic when they are together. America like makes Maxon really happy and less worried and even Maxon makes America feel like an actual princess. Maxon never really knew about what went on outside of the kingdom. And that's weird, cause he's like practically next in line for the throne. After finding out about what it's really like out there, Maxon made some courageous and smart decisions to help the poor and needy people in the town.

Then theres actually a war going on...YADA YADA YADA...a revolution..the north side and the south side...YADA YADA..and YADA. It's hard for me to actually be captivated by this because I don't have enough information to further my understanding view and perspective. Really hope that it'll have more information about it in the second book, because I'm actually really curious

My favorite character is by far Maxon. He's like the most perfect guy in the world. He treats America so well even though America had no interest in him in the beginning and especially after she has pretty much insulted him and was such a whiny baby when they first met. Although they've had some conflict (almost all couples do), Maxon and America can't deny the fact that they love eachother. My dream actor to play Maxon would totally be Max Irons. He has that total prince appeal and is to die for!

                                       AHHHH THIS IS TOTALLY MAXON!! RIGHT!??

America is definitely an interesting character. She seems like a loyal and reliable person, I really would love to have her as a friend. Although she was sort of hard to understand, her intentions were always good and she is far from selfish! On the other hand, I think that Aspen is a little selfish. Yeah, I know that he thinks he is doing to right thing for America, well, he really isn't. Honestly, why would you just call things of with a girl if you really love her and she really loves you? And I'm totally not taking this 'She fell' thing with that incident that happened when America was getting ready to leave for the kingdom. America totally saw what she saw, and I bet he's totally covering something up. And now all of a sudden he wants to get back together!??



Super dupes excited to read 'The Elite' and cant wait for some more Maxonnnn!! ^_^
Oh and the rest...yeh I'm excited for them too >.>

Favorite quote(s) from the novel:

“True love is usually the most inconvenient kind.”

“No, I’m not choosing him or you. I’m choosing me.”

“You get confused by crying women, I get confused by walks with princes.” 

“Your Majesty—
Tugging my ear. Whenever.”   (LOL LOVE THIS ONE)


-Lia <3

Friday, 10 January 2014

Book Review: Insurgent by Veronica Roth

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Hi Book Readers!

Today I come backeth, with a new revieweth, of this awesome booketh, called Insurgent! eth...
If you haven't known, Insurgent is actually the second book to the Divergent Trilogy, and it's jam packed with more awesomeness and well, more frustration! Now people, let me take you to the world of Insurgent in my point of view!! 



After Tris was able to survive the brutal attacks, she is now pained by the haunting guilt and grief she has experienced after all of it. Things for Tris turn even more difficult. With the war between the Erudite and the Dauntless and Abnegation, Tris has to make a lot of sacrifices and tough decisions to protect her friends and her faction.

So let's see, it was sort of hard to write a decent description of this book, I mean since so many things happened. Like so many things were happening in as little as 3 pages in every freaking chapter. As if it was enough getting over so many horrible things and stupid decisions that Tris was making, we had to be punched in the face by other events as well. I'd respectfully give this novel an 8 out of 10 stars. I wasn't let down, was all I can say. I also want to thank Veronica for not killing most of my favorite characters in this sequel, Thanks Roth ^_^ .

Overall, it was a very good read. Other than that, very hard to understand most of the time! We had so many different characters pop out of no where, I was seriously wondering if this was a game of Pop goes the Weasel. Freaking Peter and his annoying ass ways. What guy just goes into a girl's room, especially when she is not even there!? Then acting all possesive as if he owns the place. I wasn't quite surprised that Tris got all ape on him, I mean first he just creeps into her room and steals something that is not even his. I'm also starting to think that the guys at the Amity compounds are kind of loony. They gave Tris  this sort of happy serum that made her all bonkers which may I also say was one of the best parts of the book! Seriously I could listen to Tris yapping from that happy serum all day! lol. 


Don't even get me started on Tris and Four's relationship throughout the book.Yes, I refuse to call him Tobias...he's name will forever be Four, or Toby ^_^. They argued so many times in this book, That sometimes I'd think they are just fooling around even though they ended up being very serious. Four is such a drama queen -__- . I mean sheesh, why won't you let Tris make some decisions on her own for crying out loud!? Honestly though, out of all the relationships I've read through in different dystopian books, I think that Four and Tris's is the best. I'm not really into love triangles, and I love that although Tris and Four had many arguments throughout the book, they were still devoted to eachother. 


Let's talk about one of the craziest and hair pulling parts of the book! Like, uh, I dont know, when Christina freaking found out about who killed the joy of her life! Honestly, I think that Tris should've told them all about this before the truth thingy. These are like the people most close to her, and Christina deserved to know much sooner! And, and, that part where Christina told Tris that she had finally forgiven her!! Someone please hand me the tissues! No I'm not crying, Its just the allergies!! >__<

My favorite characters in this novel would probably be Caleb, Peter, Uriah, and Lynn. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know that Caleb sorta betrayed his own younger sister. But other than that, Caleb was such a cute person in this book and I'm glad we also got to know more about him! Peter pisses me off a lot in this story. I was also kinda wazzed when Tris figures out that he actually saves her from the serum that was going to kill her. I was like "Oh so NOW your acting all good!" But then it kinda hit me that Peter actually is a nice guy. Don't tell Edward I said this >.> . As for Uriah and Lynn, yeah they're like the life of the party. Sucks that Lynn died and she honestly seemed like a genuine and maybe misunderstood person. Uriah... Uriah...I just want to tell you 



Really....REALLY ....excited for Allegiant. Yes, I have encountered many spoilers in this very highly anticipated book. But I'll just brush em off, Cuz I DON'T ACKNOWLEDGE SPOILERS!!! and to those annoying people who just leave random spoiler comments in youtube videos and blog posts:




Favorite Quote(s) from the novel:

“We both have war inside us. Sometimes it keeps us alive. Sometimes it threatens to destroy us.” 

“Cruelty does not make a person dishonest, the same way bravery does not make a person kind.” 

“Sleep,” he says. “I'll fight the bad dreams off if they come to get you.” “With what?” “My bare hands, obviously.” 

“Got that gun?” Peter says to Tobias. “No,” says Tobias, “I figured I would shoot the bullets out of my nostrils, so I left it upstairs.” 

“Like a wild animal, the truth is too powerful to remain caged.” 



-Lia <3

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Book Review: Shatter me by Tahereh Mafi

                                                 ♪ღ♪*•.¸¸¸.•*¨(¯`’•.¸(♥)¸.• ’´¯)¨*•.¸¸¸.•*•♪ღ♪•**•.
                                                 ░H░A░P░P░Y░░░N░E░W░░Y░E░A░ R░░2014░░
                                                 ♪ღ♪*•.¸¸¸.•*¨¨*•.¸¸¸.•*•♪ღ ♪¸.•*¨¨*•.¸¸¸.•*•♪ღ♪•

Hi everyone!

First off, I'd like to say Happy new Years to everyone!!! I've got many new years resolutions to make; ~its a new dawn, it's a new year, it's a new LIIIIIFFFEE~~~AND I'M FEELING GOOOOOOD~~. *AHEM*, anyways, I've finally came back from another long and stupid hiatus that has been killing me. It-- It's just that...I can't be away from my books >.< )':
LOL. So as you'd all know, I've always been a die hard fan of Dystopian books, and I now I can proudly say that I still am, after reading this awesome dystopian novel written by Tahereh Mafi.


Juliette Ferrars has been locked up by the Reestablishment. She has been locked up for murder. Juliette's touch is very powerful, and most of the time lethal. Throughout her whole life, she has always been looked upon as a monster and as a murderer for something she has no control over. The world that Juliette lives in is a very strange world as well. Birds don't fly anymore; clouds are not the right color; Everyone is dying and food is becoming scarce. Juliette hasn't been in the outside world in such a long time. She has been locked up in this cell; a cold and dark cell where she just sits around, not knowing her fate or what's going to happen from there on. 

The first character to come into Juliette's life in the novel is a guy named Adam. At first he's the type of weird and strange guy who seems like an outcast or full on obnoxious dude who asks too many questions. . Sometimes I wondered what the hell he was even in this cell for. He didn't seem like the type of person who wanted to choke someone or some crazy psychopath. Although Juliette still keeps her distances from Adam while they are in the cell, they do become more interested in each other and she does begin to talk to him. 

That ends pretty quickly right after a group of 5 soldiers barge in to take Juliette. For a moment there they had be quite shocked. I was starting to think that this novel was headed through a specific path.


Thankfully the author didn't have that in mind (Although I do think that she would of expected us to all react that way). Turns out Adam is actually purposely supposed be taken to that cell. It was all pretty much a plan to kidnap get Juliette. Umm, Oh yeah..theres another character I should introduce (do i have to though??) He's Warner. Some leader of Sector 45. So basically he has been interested in her powers, or should I say he has been interested in her powers, ah, much better. So basically in this whole book, he seems to be a big jerk face, carelessly killing everyone and everything. The truth is he is deeply in love with Juliette and doesn't want to let her go, although Juliette desperately wants to leave. Aside from Juliette having these crazy super powers that can apparently kill people, Adam can actually touch her. Yup, that means he doesn't die ^_^ . Wait, wait wait. It doesn't end there! Apparently Warner can touch her toooooooo!!

                                                     NO WAYYY!!!!!

I'll let you read the novel if you haven't read it yet (And If I've pretty much been spoiling things for you for the past 2 minutes), or If you've already read it, you won't need me to explain anything for you basically. I'd give this novel an 8 out of 10. As you can see, I pretty much love the way Tahereh Mafi writes. I love her format and think that her strikethrough words are very fascinating. Juliette is a very interesting character. No, she isn't that different from other dystopian characters such as Tris(Divergent) or Cassia(Matched), but she has something about her personality that is very intriguing, and we all pretty much know that she is just a girl who longs for a normal life and to just be loved and happy. Sometimes her thoughts just irritate me as well and I feel like barking a phrase, oh what is it,....on the tip of my tongue, oh yeah, SCREW YOU. But most of the time I actually really do agree with her opinions. Kenji is another pretty awesome character. He kinda wazzed me off during his first appearance (when he came to Adam's house). I know he got shot and messed up, but woowwwww I was like 'Can you just kindly shut up?'


Adam or Warner? Wait, who's Warner? What type of question is this, Warner doesn't even deserve to be compared to Adam. But I'd choose Adam any day. Don't mean to be so cold or anything but I just don't get the hype of Warner. I know that there must be another story to him and it will bring the sort of justice to those who still have hope in him, but I just believe that Adam is just the purest and most true choice for me. I'd crumble if Adam ever got his heart broken. Seriously I would. Seriously, don't think I'm kidding. Se-seriously!!!


So excited to write a review on Unravel me! And to all the Team adam troops:


Imagining myself in the world of Shatter me(Apparently no specific location), I'd imagine just a random abandoned world. A world in which tumbleweed tumble around, crumbly brown leaves blow in the cold wind, and people are just pretty much themselves, just much busier, less friendlier(or simply not at all) , And just quiet. .....A cold world. I'd honestly rather live in Omega Point for the rest of my life.


Favorite Quote(s) from the Novel:

“All I ever wanted was to reach out and touch another human being not just with my hands but with my heart.” 

“Raindrops are my only reminder that clouds have a heartbeat. That I have one, too.” 

“I've been screaming for years and no one has ever heard me.” 

“Girls are always talking about electricity in their romance, but none are too happy to actually be electrocuted, apparently. Bloody confusing, is what it is.” 

“Why are you touching me? 
Because I can.” 

-LIA <3

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Book Review: Crossed by Ally Condie

Before greeting you guys, let me just say that...well, long time no write a blog post! Lol, so what though, Like you guys even care, right? -_- LOL


HI !!!!!

After many months of gritting teeth and fighting to pull through every chapter of the Matched sequel, I've finally finished it, and I don't even have much to say. Crossed was just simply...Okay. It just made you feel that it couldn't end here though. And so at least we have 'Reached' to look forward to, unless you all have already read the final book...then your Matched world has probably already ended huh? Well, we still have the movie to look forward to :D lol.

                              Crossed (Matched, #2)

After a long time of being separated from her true love, Cassia finally journeys to the Outer Provinces in search of Ky. When Cassia arrives at the camp where she assumes Ky is staying at, she soon finds out that Ky has left the camp, leaving only one choice for Cassia which is to find him. She journeys with her roommate Indie and they soon become close friends. During Cassia's journey and after she finally finds Ky, she experiences many things such as betrayal, the Rising, and many secrets and memories. She learns more about the Rising, and soon sides with the mysterious rebellion against the corrupt society.

Can I first just say that I'm still a little unfamiliar to these new characters in the novel like for example Eli, Indie, Hunter and Vick? Like, although they played some certainly important roles in the book, it just seemed like the book was all about Ky and Cassia, which of course it was. I'm not such a fan of Ky and Cassia, and I much prefer her with Xander, but during this novel, I was able to learn a lot more about Ky and honestly, he really did won me in this novel and I think I can get used to him. While I was reading, I noticed a lot of determination in Cassia and more of it than in Matched. I think I honestly prefer this novel than to Matched, because Cassia totally shows us her true self and how brave and bold she really is. I also liked how Ally wrote 2 points of views for this novel from Cassia and Ky, so we wouldn't just have pictured Ky as an awkward weird dude who is just liked by Cassia. He really did display himself as a character in this novel.

So I guess I'd give this novel a 6 out of 10 stars. Although there was a whole lot of poetry, and you should know that the only poetry that I actually can tolerate are the rhyming ones, I still thought the novel was really sentimental and I really felt the separation and loneliness that the 2 characters experienced when they weren't together. For me though, it lacked a whole lot of action. I know that just because it's dystopian, doesn't mean that it's full of fighting and stuff like that, but I really expected some audacious action to really thrill me like Divergent did. It was really plain when it came to thrills and it was just filled with sloppy romance that soon became really aggravating to me, I mean, get a room!

Obviously the themes in my opinion are courage, determination...Blah Blah Blah. I really wished that Ally was a little more creative instead of so straight forward when writing this novel. I mean, there are only 3 books in the whole series, so might as well make all the books ones to remember. even the Twilight books had more thrill and excitement. Thinking about the novel, I learned a whole lot more about the main characters though. Of course I was real bummed to know there weren't a lot of Xander parts, but a lot of the memories that Ky and Cassia narrated really interested me a whole lot. The poetry was sweet and sometimes they were real boring and didn't make sense (but most poetry doesn't make sense anyways). More poetry started to hit the pages and then I just became plain uninterested in even reading them. There was also this thing called 'the Rising' which to me was just super overrated. They were just constantly talking about it 'The Rising this' and 'The Rising that' and 'I want to join the Rising' and 'I don't want to join the Rising' and ergghh! And as soon as they finally entered the Rising (JEEZ! THANK YOU!), bad things happen. They send Cassia back to the freaking society to work and they send Indie and Ky to work at some sort of air ship together...I mean, seriously!? CASSIA + KY NOT CASSIA - KY...NOOO!!! D:
I knew the Rising was bad news! LOL. Although they seriously need to make a novel about the Rising, I'd surely read it.

My favorite character was honestly Ky. Yeah, he lacked emotion and had his plain jane going on, but he was really considerate and thoughtful (despite leaving his partners in the battlefield to die), and he really did show his love for Cassia and it wasn't just a one person love While reading this novel, I can only say that I imagined the setting and scene to be caves and forests like that.  They did spend most of the time camping in forests and caves and in an old house. I know that this is the worst I can come up with, but for now let's just say that the beautiful settings that the characters of Crossed had abided in was beautiful caves and forests...(:

(This picture is of the Melissani Cave in Greece. This picture is from No copyright intended)

Favorite quote(s) from the Novel:

“In the end you can't always choose what to keep. You can only choose how you let it go.” 

“Forgetting lets you live without the pain for a moment but remembering hits hard.” 

“Everyone has something of beauty about them.” 

“I didn't know all that was inside of him, either. I thought I did, but people run deep and complicated like rivers, hold their shape and are carved upon like stone.”

-Lia <3

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Another Short Hiatus -_- (AYE AYE AYE..)

Herro Everyone :3

Its been awhile since I've made another review...and well....I haven't made much progress on any of my books for some times now...(what? like only one week... ._. )

Anyways, I'll be having a short break soon and hopefully I'll be able to head back to the land of lovely books and dreams for awhile ^_ ^ (SO EXCITED). And I'll be able to make more Reviews :D

Currently reading/ Going to read: Crossed, Insurgent, Pandemonium.


so get yourselves prepared for an awesome, original, one of a kind review from yours truly... (POOOOP)

。✿*゚゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*゚゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*゚¨゚✎・ ✿.。.:* *.:。✿*゚¨゚✎・✿.。.:*゜*゜Y⌒Y。+゚☆゚+。Y⌒Y゜*゜ ☆:*´¨`*:..:*´¨`*:.☆ .。+゜*☆⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y

。✿*゚゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*゚゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*゚¨゚✎・ ✿.。.:* *.:。✿*゚¨゚✎・✿.。.:*゜*゜Y⌒Y。+゚☆゚+。Y⌒Y゜*゜ ☆:*´¨`*:..:*´¨`*:.☆ .。+゜*☆⌒Y⌒Y⌒

-LIA <3

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Book Review: Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld

⋯ ✰ ⋯

So to finish of this month's reading, I started a book so unbelievably peculiar to my type of reading. I've commenced a whole new genre in relations to sort of nonfictional historical moments in time. Leviathan takes place in the beginning of World War I, and although most of the events that take place in the book are indeed fictional like the 'beasties' and creative ships and or mechanisms; Scott Westerfeld also describes the many events that really did take place in World War I.
(\ /)
( . .)♥
                                    Leviathan (Leviathan, #1)

We start with the first main character named Aleksander. He is the prince of Austria-Hungary and also soon to be heir to the throne. Everything changes though when all his people have turned on him and he has to run away from home with a few of his loyal crew members in order to be safe. Our other main character is Deryn Sharp. She is a girl that disguises as a boy in the novel to be able to serve in the British Air Force. In this novel, everyone except her family knows her only as Dylan Sharp, which is her disguised name. Although in the beginning of the novel, these two characters don't know eachother; they meet in the middle of the story and become close allies.

For me this book is worth a good 7 stars. I thought that it was super addicting and creative. I felt as if I was transported into a whole new alien world and I could actually feel the struggles of the airmen like Deryn and even feel the emotion and hardships that both of the characters faced during the novel. It was like whenever an incident happened like if they were caught by a ship or attacked I'd just out of the blue say 'Barking Spiders!' (If you read the book, you'd know what I'm talking about). This completely beats the other bum ragged (another reference, lol) book versions of historical events and with all the sharp images and descriptions of out of-the-world machinery, I felt myself actually liking history.

The theme that I experienced during this novel was about 'trust'. Although Deryn and Alek didn't really know eachother, they both trusted eachother and their allies and had teamwork. Although Deryn still hadn't uncovered her disguise to Alek and her other allies in this novel, Alek though had trusted Deryn with an important secret about his real life. This novel does also fall into the quote of 'Be wise on who you trust' or 'Be careful of who you trust' as well. It doesn't mean to just give any secret of yourself away to just anyone and although I haven't read the second novel yet, I kind of already have a prediction of what might happen.

I also learned a lot about these so called 'Darwinists' and 'Clankers' which are the powers of the war in this novel. Darwinists have breeds of animals called 'Beasties' to use for the war and Clankers build many mechanisms and machinery to help them for the war. Although Darwinists sound pretty interesting to me and I like how they wear cool looking clothes (lol), I don't really acknowledge the transmutation of species. I do though find the Clankers to be pretty awesome and distinct in the novel. The Darwinists do seem to have a good companionship with animals like the Tasmanian Tigers and other so called 'Beasties'.

My favorite character would probably be Deryn. It didn't take much time for me to find out that she was indeed a tough and outspoken girl, and she didn't seem to have a problem fitting in with all the other airmen she worked with. Even Alek was jealous of her at times; being that she'd have done so many extraordinary things. She was also very courageous and brave and always seemed to be excited about everything. She even had the language of a tough airmen with all the 'barking spiders' or 'bum rags' you would read in her dialogue.

°\ ,,,,, /°
<( ▓ )>
…╝╚ ♥

Thinking back about this novel, the pictures were able to give me clarity of how the machinery and beasties looked like. I was also able to depict how the inside of the leviathan looked like. I definitely appreciated the images that were used for this book because it helped me out a bit. If there weren't any pictures at least depicting the leviathan or other ships, I would probably be confused to death...LOL.

                               Sci Fi - Steampunk Wallpaper

                               Sci Fi - Steampunk Wallpaper
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My favorite quote(s) from this novel:

“Barking spiders!” 

“And a special thanks for not burning up the whole ship. Including yourself, you daft bum-rag.” 

“Most man's awareness doesn't extend past their dinner plates.” 

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.★
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)★
…(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.★