Thursday, 2 January 2014

Book Review: Shatter me by Tahereh Mafi

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Hi everyone!

First off, I'd like to say Happy new Years to everyone!!! I've got many new years resolutions to make; ~its a new dawn, it's a new year, it's a new LIIIIIFFFEE~~~AND I'M FEELING GOOOOOOD~~. *AHEM*, anyways, I've finally came back from another long and stupid hiatus that has been killing me. It-- It's just that...I can't be away from my books >.< )':
LOL. So as you'd all know, I've always been a die hard fan of Dystopian books, and I now I can proudly say that I still am, after reading this awesome dystopian novel written by Tahereh Mafi.


Juliette Ferrars has been locked up by the Reestablishment. She has been locked up for murder. Juliette's touch is very powerful, and most of the time lethal. Throughout her whole life, she has always been looked upon as a monster and as a murderer for something she has no control over. The world that Juliette lives in is a very strange world as well. Birds don't fly anymore; clouds are not the right color; Everyone is dying and food is becoming scarce. Juliette hasn't been in the outside world in such a long time. She has been locked up in this cell; a cold and dark cell where she just sits around, not knowing her fate or what's going to happen from there on. 

The first character to come into Juliette's life in the novel is a guy named Adam. At first he's the type of weird and strange guy who seems like an outcast or full on obnoxious dude who asks too many questions. . Sometimes I wondered what the hell he was even in this cell for. He didn't seem like the type of person who wanted to choke someone or some crazy psychopath. Although Juliette still keeps her distances from Adam while they are in the cell, they do become more interested in each other and she does begin to talk to him. 

That ends pretty quickly right after a group of 5 soldiers barge in to take Juliette. For a moment there they had be quite shocked. I was starting to think that this novel was headed through a specific path.


Thankfully the author didn't have that in mind (Although I do think that she would of expected us to all react that way). Turns out Adam is actually purposely supposed be taken to that cell. It was all pretty much a plan to kidnap get Juliette. Umm, Oh yeah..theres another character I should introduce (do i have to though??) He's Warner. Some leader of Sector 45. So basically he has been interested in her powers, or should I say he has been interested in her powers, ah, much better. So basically in this whole book, he seems to be a big jerk face, carelessly killing everyone and everything. The truth is he is deeply in love with Juliette and doesn't want to let her go, although Juliette desperately wants to leave. Aside from Juliette having these crazy super powers that can apparently kill people, Adam can actually touch her. Yup, that means he doesn't die ^_^ . Wait, wait wait. It doesn't end there! Apparently Warner can touch her toooooooo!!

                                                     NO WAYYY!!!!!

I'll let you read the novel if you haven't read it yet (And If I've pretty much been spoiling things for you for the past 2 minutes), or If you've already read it, you won't need me to explain anything for you basically. I'd give this novel an 8 out of 10. As you can see, I pretty much love the way Tahereh Mafi writes. I love her format and think that her strikethrough words are very fascinating. Juliette is a very interesting character. No, she isn't that different from other dystopian characters such as Tris(Divergent) or Cassia(Matched), but she has something about her personality that is very intriguing, and we all pretty much know that she is just a girl who longs for a normal life and to just be loved and happy. Sometimes her thoughts just irritate me as well and I feel like barking a phrase, oh what is it,....on the tip of my tongue, oh yeah, SCREW YOU. But most of the time I actually really do agree with her opinions. Kenji is another pretty awesome character. He kinda wazzed me off during his first appearance (when he came to Adam's house). I know he got shot and messed up, but woowwwww I was like 'Can you just kindly shut up?'


Adam or Warner? Wait, who's Warner? What type of question is this, Warner doesn't even deserve to be compared to Adam. But I'd choose Adam any day. Don't mean to be so cold or anything but I just don't get the hype of Warner. I know that there must be another story to him and it will bring the sort of justice to those who still have hope in him, but I just believe that Adam is just the purest and most true choice for me. I'd crumble if Adam ever got his heart broken. Seriously I would. Seriously, don't think I'm kidding. Se-seriously!!!


So excited to write a review on Unravel me! And to all the Team adam troops:


Imagining myself in the world of Shatter me(Apparently no specific location), I'd imagine just a random abandoned world. A world in which tumbleweed tumble around, crumbly brown leaves blow in the cold wind, and people are just pretty much themselves, just much busier, less friendlier(or simply not at all) , And just quiet. .....A cold world. I'd honestly rather live in Omega Point for the rest of my life.


Favorite Quote(s) from the Novel:

“All I ever wanted was to reach out and touch another human being not just with my hands but with my heart.” 

“Raindrops are my only reminder that clouds have a heartbeat. That I have one, too.” 

“I've been screaming for years and no one has ever heard me.” 

“Girls are always talking about electricity in their romance, but none are too happy to actually be electrocuted, apparently. Bloody confusing, is what it is.” 

“Why are you touching me? 
Because I can.” 

-LIA <3

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