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Book Review: The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers

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(SIGHS....)...Have you guys ever been possessed by a book cover that it just put you under it's spell and pretty much forced you to pick it up?? Ah...seems that this situation has happened to me. HMM....The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers. Sounds rather alluring and charming doesn't it? How couldn't you resist the image of sparkly cute silver stars being blown away to the air? Simply how could you resist??! Lets see...having read this book, what do I make of it...


                                      The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers (The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers, #1)

We start out with a girl named Lucy. Now before getting into it I should remind you that this book is indeed narrated in 3rd person, since a lot of people I know normally prefer 1st person instead of 3rd person. Well that could be disregarded anyways. Lucy is about to meet with her boyfriend for the first time since he left her during the summer. She is so excited to see him because she is ready to tell him something important. When she finally meets him, it turns out that he had something to tell Lucy himself, and it wasn't good news. He breaks up with her and Lucy is devastated. Woah, it doesn't end there though (◑‿◐). An anonymous girl gives Lucy something to wipe her tears with that happens to have a note in it telling her to meet the stranger somewhere at midnight. When Lucy meets the girl, it turns out she is offering Lucy something. Pretty much an offer to train Lucy to become a heartbreaker. In the beginning Lucy is confused, but after thinking about Alex and how she might have another chance with him if she becomes a heartbreaker, she takes the offer.

Let's see....Magic...magic to get whatever you want...breaking boys' hearts..going out with every boy you see. Yeah, there isn't alot of messages that I like from this book. The only message I actually understand and is probably the only good message of this story is to be confident about yourself to actually look beautiful. The girls don't boast about themselves and they also tell Lucy that all girls are beautiful and the only way they aren't is if they do not think they are. The girls also teach Lucy that there isn't any magic to being beautiful (since Lucy is very insecure about herself), and while most of the time Lucy thinks that everything is working her way because of magic, it is actually because she is believing in herself. about the bad parts. Number 1: Who the hell is Lucy!?? We don't even get a proper description about how she looks like and I'm just sitting here thinking she's a blank person throughout the whole story. How tall is she? What's her hair color (If i missed it)???? Number 2: Can I just be plain honest here and say that I completely hate these so called sisters. If believing that you can pretty much go out with any guy and break their hearts, saying that it's a 'good thing' is completely bull. And Lucy just flat out believes them and does everything they say as if they are controlling her like a puppet. Even my little cousin (whose only 11 by the way) has more of a back bone than Lucy and can tell for herself that these girls are out to trick her. Who believes things a stranger says!? Oh, maybe Peter from Family Guy (¬_¬).

Oh and I'm not finished. The story ends in a catastrophe and would be the worst script if ever turned into a movie or tv show (Not that it could possibly happen). At the end Lucy becomes this 'whole new person' with a tattoo that only girls of the heartbreakers sisterhood could see. She breaks her friend's heart and has the nerve to tell him that she needs to find him a girlfriend. Geez, Lucy...are you that dense (maybe you are)?? Did YOU feel like getting a new boyfriend when your freaking Alex broke up with you. Nope, didn't think so. Okay, to make this ranting short...the whole story to me was a mess and it was poorly written. I had no idea what any of the characters looked like and couldn't relate to any of them. 

Maybe the story ended too short or whateves, it was still a disaster (using Esteban's voice from Suite Life)(ω)!!! Lucy is the weirdest person I've ever read about. Look, the dude's a jerk for dumping you...just get over it. You have an awesome cute friend named Tristan who really likes you if you weren't too dense to notice. Stop acting like your life is over and move on! You don't need any ounce of magic or witchcraft to make your life any perfect than how it already is (WORDS OF WISDOM) lol...

I can't even give you any imagery that I had of this book..since I had none!!! What, maybe a dark room!!?? The dark room that Alex used to do whatever to his photos. The bus with the happy seat?? You know, the one where it only took a freaking minute to read about and get nothing off of it besides tears from the broken heart of poor ol' Tristan?


Favorite quote(s) from this novel:

“The most important thing is believing your beautiful. The benefit of improving one's looks lies largely therein.” 

“We like to say that love is what unites us; however it's fear that we all share.” 

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-LIA <3

UPDATE: There will be a sequel to this book which will be released some times in 2013, I guess I'll read it when it comes out, but I'm not getting my hopes up -_-

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