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Book Review: Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally

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So apart from watching a whole bunch of chick flicks and cheesy sitcoms this week, there...well hasn't been anything new, I guess. My excitement and enthusiasm for a novel has fell flat to the ground, and who knows what can lift it up again. I just finished reading 'Catching Jordan', and will admit that it's a pretty funny novel. It'll get you through those really stressful days where you wouldn't mind reading anything; as long as it has a bit of humor in it. I must also admit that this isn't the type of novel to be reading with ...uh, lets say your little brother! Cuz, seriously it was going great for a few pages, and then there came all the unnecessary and
restricted language and all, so I quickly closed it at that time and gave my bro an awkward smile as I suggest we read another Dr Seuss Book. Well, instead of giving of a ranting intro, lets just get into it, shall we!

                                        Catching Jordan (Hundred Oaks, #1)

Ok, so Jordan Woods, also our protagonist of the book is a female quarterback and captain for her High School football team. Now this girl has some big dreams and plans that she wants to accomplish. Not only enroll in the university of her dreams which is in Alabama, but also play for her dream team and become a football star like her dad. Things are going pretty smoothly at this point, and we learn about some of Jordan's pals and team mates, like JJ, Carter, and Henry, who she has known for over 10 years. We also learn about some of the not so great cheerleaders who Jordan sort of despises.

Going further into the book, the football coach has welcomed a new football player (who is also a quarterback, like Jordan) to the team, and Jordan, who normally stays under control and is never crazy about a guy, is well, crazy about a guy. She can't seem to take her eyes of off him (whose name is also Ty), and he is also all she thinks about. They start becoming closer (since they'll have to be working together), and Ty starts talking to her more. Things between them go pretty instense after a while (or shall I say by a number of days), and she and her long time best buddy Henry, start having problems. With Ty becoming Jordan's boyfriend and all, Henry feels that Jordan and him won't be able to do what they normally do together, that is hanging out at her place and usually sleeping over. He starts isolating himself from Jordan, which makes her feel upset and wishing that she could have the old Henry back. She also finds out the news, (which wasn't really a secret since everyone apparently knew) about how Henry feels about her, and Jordan, sort of regretting making it official with Ty, wishes that she and Henry can be like they were before towards eachother, open and honest.

While learning and making your way through the plot of Jordan and Henry and how they will work out their relationship, you also learn about Jordan and her dreams of going to a university in Alabama. Things change though when Jordan finds out that Alabama really isn't interested in her, and she doesn't know where else she will go. You will also learn about Jordan's relationship with her father, and how he becomes more supportive of Jordan and her dreams.

The novel has multiple messages to the reader, and doesn't just bring attention to one topic or plot. One message would be to extend our options and not just fight our way to one desire. In the novel, Jordan learns to be able to widen her options and be able to settle with other choices instead of the one she'd been dreaming of, because sometimes we must understand that not all these things can really be accomplished, and we should always have other options to look at. Another message would also be to follow your heart when it comes to love. Although Jordan knows that she feels warm and fuzzy when she's with Ty, she also knows that what she feels for Henry is even stronger.

Although this novel was a pretty good read, I didn't find myself actually getting into it, and I was curiously wondering when it was all going to end. I didn't really find any climaxes thrilling and to me; the drama was also really slow, so I didn't know how to actually react to anything that was going on. I felt like Jordan and Henry weren't really having a problem with one another, because one day you'd see them totally shun themselves from one another, and another day you'd see them acting as if nothing had actually happened. It was quite frustrating for me because I really wanted to like it; and I didn't find myself understanding one bit about Jordan's attitude and constant change of moods!

If I were to choose a favorite character; hands down, that'll be Henry! To me, he was the only actual interesting character EVER in the novel. Ty was super boring, and to me, he was just like any other guy you'd find in your school. Jordan frustrated me a lot, and I hated how she was so awkward with her own friends sometimes. Henry actually stood out to me, and I thought that he was a great friend that every person would love (Heck, I want him to be my friend!)

When I think about the setting and imagery that I had, I'd say that most of the time, I focused more on football fields and backyards. I did imagine the river that Henry and Jordan skipped rocks in and also the dock where Jordan sometimes wrote in her journal and where she swam and had her first kiss with Ty.

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My Favorite Quote(s) from the novel:

“When unrequited love is the most expensive thing on the menu, sometimes you settle for the daily special.” 

“Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do. To get something better, you know?”

“Jordan, he's loved you forever. It's obvious. Have you not seen how he stares at you?”

“You don't need anyone's permission to do what you love. You should just do it.”

-Lia <3

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